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How to weave Self Love into your day easily

The number one rule for me is to make things simple, if you make them hard people won't do it. I know me and I know that I need to make it easy to do, otherwise I wouldn't do it! I would find an excuse :)

I always wanted to be that person who had a routine, but truthfully I'm just not that person and that’s ok! I've always liked not conforming.

Always Always Always BE YOU

For me multi-tasking and weaving it into my day suits me better, its become part of my routine and now its buried deep in my subconscious so automatically a habit, which is great I do it without thinking about it.

The changes it's made in me are enormous and I feel like a completely different person. I don’t “think” or “analyse” situations like I used to, or worry about things out of my control. I am in control of my thoughts and if Negative Nancy does show up, I have the power to recognise, its my EGO and poke her firmly in the eye before giving her a shove out of my energy.

Negative Nancy can be horrible!

Weave that Self Love into your day, by......

Every morning before I leave my comfy comfy bed, I say “Thank you” I want to start off the day with a grateful heart and mindset. When we are grateful, the universe gives us more to be grateful for :)

I then drink a glass of water, sometimes with lemon and when I drink it I imagine it filtering through my body, waking up my organs, muscles and all my internal systems and hydrating me.

When I am in the shower, as water is healing, I imagine the water removing any negative energy from my energy field, I imagine it clearing my aura of negative thoughts/ energy/ emotions and setting me up for the day.

When I’m waiting for the kettle to boil, I repeat affirmations (words are so powerful, thats why its called "SPELLING") choose one that resonates & feel good when you are saying it internally. Just keep saying it throughout the day.

I also use this opportunity to do some breathwork, I inhale through my nose and exhale through my mouth, this keeps me present and has helped enormously by just keeping my focus in the present moment, no stress, no past thinking or future worrying.

I find that less and less I think about the past or the future, unless its consciously for journaling or goal setting purposes 😊

When I walk through the door to leave, I imagine that as I do, in a sci fi kind of way (let your imagination run wild :) I walk through that rectangle doorway, I walk through a clear protective energy shield which attaches to me when I move through, protecting my energy field throughout the day.

When I am driving, I am normally singing, like an angel I might add, to upbeat songs and again, I use this time for breathing exercises and for affirmations.

Also when I have a shower at the end of the day, I imagine that the water is removing anything negative that I’ve picked up through the day, and its washing it away.

Gratitude journal – I wish I could say that I do this daily, but I don’t 😊 so as much as I can I write what I am grateful but I also run through what I am grateful for internally throughout the day and this raised my vibration :)

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