Corporate Wellness

Helping you to bring wellness into your workspace

Offering bespoke packages, including meditation classes, wellness talks and self development courses to increase your staff self love and worth, helping to increase productivity and creativity, with reducing stress and overwhelm.

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"Healing doesn’t mean the damage never existed. It means the damage no longer controls our lives.” 

⭐️Self Discovery Journey ⭐️

With meditation / visualisation, EFT and journalling. 

This will be a powerfully awakening, releasing and accepting experience. A life check in. 

👈Where you have been 

🖐Where you are now

👉Where you want to go, be and do 

A 2 hour sensory healing meditation experience.

This is for you if;

🙋‍♀️You feel stuck in life, 

🤦‍♀️You react first and think later 

🤦‍♀️You feel anxious - analyse the past, worry for the future. 

🤦‍♀️You don’t know what you want. 

🤦‍♀️Feel numb, existing and not living. 

🤦‍♀️You criticise yourself 

🤦‍♀️Self Sabotage 

🤦‍♀️Doubt your decisions 

🤦‍♀️Experienced negative situations in the 🤦‍♀️past and need to let them go. 


About Me

Passionate Intuitive Empath

Everything that We offer at Suka Hati is around self discovery, love and acceptance. 

I help people to heal themselves through self awareness, compassion and love, improving their lives and wellbeing and raising their vibration by increasing their self compassion and inspiring others to do the same. 

I am a Reiki Master, EFT Practitioner, Meditation Instructor, Breathwork Instructor, Belief Clearing Practitioner, Energy Healing Practitioner, Feng Shui practitioner and a spiritual guide. 

This is my Souls Purpose, my passion. I just want people to be happy.