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At Oneness Energy Healing, we believe in the power of energy healing to help restore balance and wellness in your life. Our unique approach to healing combines traditional methods with journaling and self reflection. We offer a wide range of services to help you create a safe and comfortable space for yourself to explore your feelings, thoughts, and emotions.


Writing can be a powerful tool to help us understand the world around us and our place in it.


That’s why we offer free journal prompts for adults, teens, and pre-teens, to help you gain insight into your life. No email address required.


If you’re looking for an effective and holistic approach to healing, let Oneness Energy be your guide.

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Journal Prompts & Worksheets

Journal Prompts for Tweens

These journal prompts are designed for tweens to help them with their own self discovery. 

Journal Prompts for Chakras (Energy Centres)

These Journal Prompts are based around your energy centres - Chakras and can help see where your energy is unbalanced.

Journal Prompts or Teenagers

Journal prompts for teenagers for self discovery

Mindful Journal Prompts for Teens

Journal prompts for teenagers - Mindfulness

Relationship Journal Prompts

Shadow Journal Prompts - Chakras

Connect to your Roots (workbook)

This worksheet, helps you to identify what you need to change in your life, creating a blueprint for your future to guide you towards happiness and positive change.

Your Personal Values

Your values are the beliefs and principles that you believe are important in the way that you live and work. They (should) determine your priorities, and guide your decisions and the way you act towards others. When the things that you do, and the way that you behave, match your values, life is usually good

Wheel of Life (workbook)

The Wheel of Life is a simple yet powerful tool for visualizing all areas of your life at once to see where you most need improvement.

Taking your Energy Back - Meditation

Intention Setting Process (workbook)

Using the law of attraction, setting your intentions and writing down your desires, co creating your reality. 

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