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Welcome to Suka Hati

Jodie Moakes

Offering simple and effective guidance to empower you to self love, improving your emotional wellbeing, so that you can live your life in happiness and inspire others to do the same.

How can I empower you...

Spiritual Healing

Reiki & Energy Healing, Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping) Journalling & Meditations.

One on One Support & Guidance

Empowering you with self awareness and knowledge. Providing you with love and support.

Community Classes/ Workshops

These workshops are all designed around self healing, self love and building emotional resilience and self belief.

Free Resources

A selection of self discovery journal prompts and guided meditations on YouTube channel.

You can contact me direct using the button below, or click on header buttons at the top of this page for
Community Classes/ Workshops 
Private one to one coaching/ healing.



I know what it feels like to have such low self esteem, self worth and belief.


I spent the first half of my life living that life; doubting myself, attracting abusive toxic relationships and situations, people pleasing and putting myself last.

I had to build myself from the ground up, changing my internal narrative, cultivating self love, self belief by changing my mindset. 


I now guide people to do the same, to love and approve of themselves by unearthing their uniqueness thats been buried for too long.

If you want change in your your life and energy, I can guide you to take back your power and create the life you love. 


Unearthing You

Everything that I offer at Suka Hati is around self discovery, love and acceptance. 

I help people to heal themselves through self awareness, compassion and love, improving their lives and wellbeing and raising their vibration by increasing their self compassion and love

I hold space for you, to open and speak your truth.

No judgement, I'm here as your catalyst to help you change your mindset and your life, healing from your past. From the inside out. 

Whether it’s your career, your relationships, or anything else that’s important to you, I’ll help you develop the habits and skills to effectively deal with the challenges and emotional moments you may encounter in life.


What my Clients say...

I love hearing back from my clients, so please share your feedback.

I attended Jodie’s ‘Self Discovery Workshop’ recently and gained so much more then I thought possible in just one session.
Jodie is an amazing teacher and healer with a wonderfully refreshing down to earth, natural and welcoming approach. Her talents are many and I loved every part of the variety of modalities used to enable me to dig deeper into those parts of me that needed facing. Far from scary, Jodie made sure that this deep work was supported with her obviously caring and loving personality.
I can’t thank you enough Jodie and highly recommend this workshop, packed with techniques to help you find peace and happiness

Rachel W

Have a question? Please ask me

+44 7730 558060

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